Emilio Pucci’s new campaign redefines brand digital positioning

Today’s luxury market, as well as the vast majority of market segments, has been characterized by increased investments in marketing. And within this new mode of communication, the formatting and definition of a digital positioning, which enables consumers to clearly understand the direction of brands and companies, has been consolidating itself as a strategic action.

With the new FW 19/20 campaign signed by the French by Arnaud Lajeunie and with images that evoke manga culture, Italian label Emilio Pucci redefines its digital positioning in the market. Emilio Pucci’s new campaign punctuates a brand new momentum and its digital immersion. All communication focuses on this idea, including a series of Instagram videos that focus on an innovative style of communication.

In the images, models appear along with neon lights, which highlight the bright fabrics and new prints of the collection. The videos use various screens in 360 ° photos, migrating from one set to another, clothing to clothing, suggesting a narcissistic digital atmosphere. Emilio Pucci’s Fall / Winter collection can be found at the designer store at Shopping Cidade Jardim and through e-commerce.