Elegant rebellion


Throughout its history, rock and roll has produced icons that have already definitively consolidated in the popular imagination. The enigmatic and insinuating choreography of Elvis Presley, the Beatles ‘dance and youthful poetry, or Raul Seixas’ lyrics, to cite a genuinely Brazilian example, are embedded in the emotional memory of millions of people around the world.

Another absolute icon of rock is the Gibson Les Paul guitar. With sales beginning in 1952, the instrument was designed by Ted McCarty and co-authored with guitarist Les Paul. Now, this true landmark in the history of the planet’s most contagious rhythm has won a truly luxurious tribute.


The brand Raymond Weil recently launched the Freelancer Chronograph model that has direct inspiration in the famous guitar. According to the brand, the idea is to personify a little spirit book which is one of the characteristics of rock.

About the launch of the model, Ellie Bernheim, CEO of the brand, stressed that “no matter what kind of music catches our attention, no one can stand still in front of a genius’s ability. Blues, rock, pop, classic: we all have some remarkable memory of a show, a piece of music or an artist that is deeply attached to a key moment in our lives. The power of music is also linked to the question of time travel. Today, Gibson brings us to the best that rock has to offer and makes our clocks hum in the rhythm of this legendary beat. “

The Freelancer Chronograph proves that rebellion can be elegant.