Italian elegance in São Paulo


Last Saturday, December 2, São Paulo hosted an event that once again highlighted the main reasons why fashion and Italian elegance are so admired and desired around the world.

The second edition of Sartoria Italiana, organized by Giorgio Armani through an exclusive partnership with Luxury Therapy and the TdL Agency, offered the Brazilian public, once again, with the presence of Walter Siciliano, an expert on Italian brand.

In all, eight couples were invited: Carmem Pereira and his son João Victor Pereira from São Paulo; Alfredo Ibiapina and Iana, Ricardo Michelin and Ana Claudia and Sergio Negraes and Siomara of Curitiba; Ivan Hermano and Roberta de Goiânia; Mario Dantas de Carvalho and Isabela and João Bicalho and Larissa de Salvador and Alexandro Campos and Roseana Port of Recife.

The couples were divided into two groups. The first arrived at the Giorgio Armani boutique of the Shopping Cidade Jardim in the morning to the service with Walter Siciliano. Then everyone gathered for the lunch of fellowship in the restaurant Nonno Roggiero, located in Shopping Cidade Jardim. After lunch, the guests participated in an exclusive experience with the Chivas brand.

In the afternoon period, it was the turn of the second group of couples to receive personalized attention from Walter Siciliano. At the end of the service, everyone went to Tangará Palace to spend the night, but before that, they enjoyed a dinner at Parigi with the presence of the brand’s CEO in Latin America: Ricardo Minelli.

Check out, below, the exclusive video of the event.