Elegance and style in the land of philosophy

Greece is considered the cradle of Western philosophy. The birthplace of thinkers such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, the country has produced a timeless knowledge that, even after more than two thousand years, remains an absolute reference in areas of law and social sciences.

In this land where knowledge and history are complemented and complemented, Dior will open in July a pop up store to present to customers the new exclusive pieces imagined by Maria Grazia Chiuri. Located in Mykonos, a true icon of the world tourism segment, the shop will have in its architectural design the traditional white facade, a direct reference to the popular construction style on the island.

One detail that makes the collection sold on Greek land even more exclusive is the inscription J’ADIOR MYKONOS present on some pieces. Sweaters, pleated skirts, scarves, scarves, handbags, sandals and sneakers are part of the collection that takes even more style and elegance to the land of philosophy.