The elegance of the hours

The stylist Tom Ford is undoubtedly a professional who has innovation in his DNA. After becoming one of the most influential personalities in the fashion world, Ford has expanded its business portfolio to segments such as perfumery, sunglasses and makeup products.

Now the restless stylist embraces yet another sector: watchmaking. The Tom Ford 001 collection, created in partnership with the renowned Bedrock Manufacturing Company, was recently launched and features watches that highlight elegance and timelessness.

With classically rectangular dials and available in four finishes (yellow gold and brushed stainless steel, polished and matte), the models still have four options for bracelets (braided leather, calf leather, pebble leather and alligator).

As for Ford, briefly, new brand launches can hit stores. According to the stylist “this watch gave me the vocabulary to now make another, but it’s not like I had 50 watches. I can have five models. I’m really excited about it because it’s so simple. It is a concept that no one has ever done, and it is, as far as I know, nowhere in the market. “