Eduardo Santos inaugurates space dedicated to the new generation of luxury brands

The luxury market is going through a time of great transformations and revision of concepts. And all these changes are even more noticeable in the fashion segment. After all, brands and professionals working in the industry need to deal with the expectation of others and analyze the contemporary landscape.

In the Brazilian fashion scene, a name that stands out is that of the fashion consultant Eduardo Santos, who recently inaugurated an office at Avenida Atlântica, in Rio de Janeiro, dedicated to fashion curatorship and new luxury brands. “My mission is to take beauty to people,” he points out.

“Minha missão é levar o belo às pessoas” afirma Edu Santos

The space translates Edu’s minimalist aesthetic, predominantly white and well lit, large windows in connection with the sea, ready to become the new meeting point for brands, the public, the press and influencers. A perfect hideaway in the middle of the jungle of stone. “Being in Rio changed my professional perception. The carioca knows how to receive as nobody, to make the person feel special. The gaucho works well, creates and makes happen. Nowadays it’s cool to have access to those hidden brands that few know about but produce incredible products. I want to add the beautiful to the unpublished “defines the consultant.

Among the options available in the space are the new generation of luxury brands, mainly from Rio Grande do Sul, handmade models, tailor-made men’s tailoring with Maurício Placeres (from the Genuine Custom Tailoring), feminine with Adriana Kavietz and the bride and party with Eduarda Galvani. To know more details of the new project access the Instagram of Edu Santos.

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