Drink Festival celebrates the classics of the international cocktail party

Until the second of December happens the third edition of the Drink Festival, event that takes place in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Curitiba and Fortaleza. The main purpose of the action is to present the universe of drinks to the consumers and to foment the culture of the cocktail in the bars and restaurants. The theme of this year is Todo drink has a story, in which the consumer will know the history and curiosity of classic cocktails.

“The cocktail is a charming universe and has attracted more and more Brazilian consumers, who today recognize in the drinks the perfect option for different occasions, both in consumption in bars and restaurants, as at home. Through Drink Festival we attract new consumers, stimulate new consumption experiences and help in the development of the Brazilian cocktail shop together with our partner customers, “comments Alexandre Miranda, national sales director of Diageo.

Still, following last year’s tradition, the Drink Festival will be the first doorway for bartenders from participating houses to sign up for the World Class Competition, the world’s largest cocktail party. The bartender will be able to send an authoritative recipe telling the story of their drink and during the Festival a panel of judges will visit the bars to evaluate the performances of the professionals and their cocktails. To find out all participating houses, visit the official website of the event.