Fun in the rhythm of summer

01 POSH - foto Caio Graça 2

Summer is already in full swing and in Jurerê Internacional, located in Florianópolis, the season is perfect to enjoy the good moments of life. And to plunge definitely into the rhythm of summer, Posh, considered one of the most sophisticated nightclubs in Latin America, began its eleventh season with two exclusive parties on December 25 and 26.

Among the personalities who passed through the club were Alexandre Pato, who is on vacation in Brazil after his first year at the Chinese club Tianjin Quanjian, Bernardo Velasco, protagonist of the novel Belaventura, Record and former volleyball player Giba.

This season Posh features such attractions as the French DJ Michael Canitrot, known for creating soundtracks for Dior, Chanel, Versace and Prada parades; the producer Cathy Guetta, who signs the ten editions of the iconic album Fuck Me I’m Famous alongside the ex-husband David Guetta; besides the socialite Paris Hilton, who celebrates her birthday at the house during Carnival.

Check out some exclusive images of the opening events of the summer at Posh.

Dj Michael Prado (Milão)

Dj Michael Prado (Milão) – Crédito: Cassiano de Souza

Alexandre Pato

Alexandre Pato – Crédito: Angelo Santos

Bernardo Velasco

Bernardo Velasco – Crédito: Cassiano de Souza

Gustavo Sarti

Gustavo Sarti – Crédito: Angelo Santos

 - Giba e Maria Luiza Daudt

Giba e Maria Luiza Daudt – Crédito: Cassiano de Souza

Moyale Guardini

Moyale Guardini – Crédito: Cassiano de Souza

Paulo Velloso

Paulo Velloso – Crédito: Angelo Santos

Crédito da imagem Posh: Caio Graça.

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