Design and sustainability

The issue of sustainability is an increasingly prominent issue in the global marketplace, and the top brands of high standard do not escape this reality. In an attempt to reduce impacts to the environment and in hopes of satisfying the increasing level of customer demand, companies in the premium segment are investing more and more resources and time in the preparation of projects and launches that have a competitive edge in sustainability.

This is the case of Harley-Davidson who announced in early February plans to launch its first fully electric motorcycle next year. If the expectations of the brand come true, the new model should have its marketing started in August 2019.

Between $ 25 and $ 50 million is Harley-Davidson’s estimated budget for the environmentally correct bike to be finalized. It is also worth mentioning that this action of the brand in the search for a more sustainable management happens four years after the presentation of Live Wire, the electric prototype of the brand.

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