Customization and refinement are the brands of the new Ermenegildo Zegna sneakers

Ermenegildo Zegna launched his new tennis shoe called My Claudio. The sneaker, which has the illusion of a heavy silhouette, is extremely lightweight and features hand-woven strings, echoing the brand’s tradition of handcrafted production. The model can also be seen as a natural evolution of the brand, in search of a more youthful and more sustainable language.

Tennis is inspired by the streetwear universe and also by the natural refinement of luxury products. With versatile design, the model can make a more sporty look, with jeans and T-shirt, but also perfectly matches a more serious presentation, such as a suit or a more formal card.

For those who like customization, the brand offers several options of combinations making each model unique and private. In all there are 12 options of ties, 10 styles of leather and three midsole that can be interchangeable and customized. The idea of ​​tennis is to allow each one to be, literally, its own design.