Building value marks as a success strategy

Entrepreneurship is a characteristic that is evidenced systematically in the Brazilian and world economic scenario. Whether it is a desire for personal fulfillment or the great competitiveness of the labor market, the creation of a business is no longer a dream and becoming a reality for an increasing number of people.

However, in addition to competence, professionalism and self-confidence, modern entrepreneurs also need a great deal of strategic knowledge to succeed. Knowledge that directly influences the construction of brands that consolidate over time, expanding and adapting to economic trends and oscillations.

With the objective of discussing and detailing the fundamental values ​​and strategies for the construction of a strong and creative brand, the “Brand Building Workshop for Entrepreneurial Minds” will be held on June 28 at Hotel Fasano in São Paulo, conducted by the consulting firm Tatiana Mika.

O workshop ministrado pela consultora Tatiana Mika tem o objetivo de destacar os valores estratégicos para a construção de uma marca forte e criativa

In addition to acting in the business consulting segment, Tatiana owns the Pano de Prato brand, etc. Graduated in Hotel Management, Specialized in Branding by ESPM and Entrepreneurship by FGV, Master in NLP (neolinguistic programming) and concentrates expertise in brand building, in addition to the commercial area and in service excellence.

Identifying the mission and values ​​of brands, how to generate value businesses, how to distance themselves and differentiate themselves from the competition, how to apply experiences that impact the consumer in a real way, as well as sales tips and strategies are some of the topics addressed during the event , which has a total duration of nine hours. Through the site it is possible to obtain more information and reserve your place.