Comfort and health in nature


Opened in late 1980, the Sete Voltas is the ideal place for those looking to live a relaxing experience in harmony with nature. Registered by IBAMA as “conservation breeding”, the hotel offers visitors an amazing landscape of the Itatiba city valleys keeping the mind and body in balance, in the company of rare bird species and the rich local fauna.

Among the attractions that Sete Voltas Spa Hotel offers guests are nutritional monitoring, bioimpedance exams, Scottish shower, open and indoor jacuzzi, energy mandala and dry and wet sauna. One of the hotel’s advantages is the pet admission with guests.

The Spa has a team with includes physiotherapists, nutritionists, massage therapists, nurses, surgeons and doctors who are prepared to guide and meet the diverse needs of guests, offering a personalized diet and exercise program and activities according to your instructions and preferences.

The hotel also takes care individually of food and health of each guest.

Upon arriving at the Spa, the team of nutritionists and nurses a brief nutritional assessment and impedance analysis, and from then on, a personalized diet is prepared.

After changes in direction in 2015, the Sete Voltas Spa Hotel continues its history of excellence in services combining new energy and investment to make your stay even more memorable.

Images and text provided by Sete Voltas Spa Hotel.