The Karl Lagerfeld robotic collection


Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most respected professionals in the fashion segment worldwide. If your appearance can be considered eccentric to some, no one disagrees that features like innovation, creativity and refinement are some of the pillars on which Lagerfeld consolidated his career.

The recent launch of the spring collection 2016 call Karl Robot proves that the designer, too, is one of the most savvy designers of the fashion world. The line parts of the drawings refer directly to a technological and futuristic world in which spaceships and robots deserve a prominent place. There are even some parts that have stylized designs of Karl Lagerfeld, showing the association always present between the designer and his work.

The collection consists of shirts, caps, key chains and socks. And, of course, who is passionate about technology was remembered, as between line highlights are creative and different cases for iPhone.