Classic contemporary


The clock is one of the most beloved accessories of the modern world. Some people can’t even leave the house without it. Many scientists claim that the only way to go back in time is to delay the clock, and so many poets, argue that in addition to heart beats, the only other way of measuring time is through the clock hits.

No wonder that every year, the most important watchmaking world have models that enchant and since its launch become part of history. This is the case of the new Timezoner Chronograph launched by IWC as one of the celebrations of the 80th anniversary of aviator style watches.

One of the most amazing highlights of the new model is the ability to adjust schedules spindles instantly with a simple turn of the rim. You only need to press the rim and run to the chosen time zone. In all, the rotating ring has the name of 24 cities in the world representing the international time zones. There is even a mark in the cities that use daylight saving time, so there is no confusion at the time of reading the time.

At the bottom of model steel case is engraved with the design of an airplane that during the 1930s, became known as the aircraft most used worldwide. For those who like watches and history, the latter will much more pleasant with a Timezoner Chronograph on his wrist.