Champs-Elysees Avenue is the address of Chanel’s new beauty boutique

Considered one of the most important tourist sites in French Paris and a key destination of the luxury market on French soil, Avenue Champs-Elysées is the new address of Chanel’s boutique dedicated entirely to the beauty and cosmetics segments. Inaugurated officially on July 13, the space has a total of one hundred square meters dedicated to the products of the French brand.

Customers visiting the new address will be able to check Chanel’s main products for these two markets in three different environments, which complement each other and harmonize. Visitors are offered the experience to truly emerge in the concept proposed by the brand created by Coco Chanel.

One of the main highlights of the new boutique is Chanel Beauty Studio, a space in which it is possible to know more deeply and to test the different products and novelty. Besides the possibility of getting in touch with the beauty icons of the brand, Chanel experts will be on hand to serve customers in a personalized way.

The opening of the store in one of the addresses that is symbolic for the luxury market proves Chanel’s interest in expanding its participation in the beauty market. According to reported sales figures, the segment had decisive importance for the results of almost ten billion euros registered by the brand in 2018.