Burberry receives Secret Friend of Terapia do Luxo organized by Manu Berger

On Thursday last November, the CEO of Luxury Therapy, Manu Berger, again organized the exclusive end-of-the-year meeting with personalities linked to the world of fashion and luxury.

This year, the fraternization took place in the beautiful Burberry store located in the Pátio Batel Shopping Mall in Curitiba. Firstly, all the guests were welcomed at Villa do Vale Boutique Hotel & Bistro for a delicious breakfast in the morning. All the participants were received with personalized plates with their own name and a delicate cookie, where was the revelation of the name of their secret friend.

After breakfast, all the guests moved to the Burberry boutique of Patio Batel Shopping and exchanged gifts. Lunch was served during the presentation of the brand’s collection in a relaxed moment so that the guests could talk and exchange information about the luxury market.

To make the experience even more exclusive, in the Burberry boutique there was a calligrapher who personalized the gift bags with the name of each of the participants. It was a truly luxurious and unforgettable day for all.

Check out, below, the exclusive video of the event.

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