Burberry creates unprecedented action by encouraging product sharing

Asset sharing and sustainability issues have become key issues among high-end customers, and luxury brands are apparently seeing these changes in the marketplace and are increasingly creating actions that value these. Thematic

One case illustrating this scenario is from Burberry, which recently announced a project aimed at encouraging its customers to resell the brand’s used parts over the internet. As a kind of reward for those who obtain the most expressive results, commemorative teas will be organized.

As Pam Batty, Burberry’s vice president, said in a press interview, “We want to show customers that there are different options in the market. We see the pilot as a transition from Burberry to the circular economy. ”

The action of the British brand is strategic and extremely updated with the new market trends and it is noteworthy that it will contribute very positively to strengthen the brand image especially after the controversy that occurred last year when Burberry promoted the burning of new parts to prevent loss of value.