Brazilian design is the theme of a luxury residential exhibition in Curitiba

Starting this month, Galeira 31 – an art, culture, design and innovation space that works inside the model apartment of ÍCARO Jardins do Graciosa, a luxury residential property by architect Arthur Casas, signed by AG7, has a new art exhibition. in partnership with SIM and Simões de Assis and LinBrasil galleries, licensed from the Sergio Rodrigues Classic line in Brazil and worldwide.

Abraham Palatnik – Acrílica sobre madeira

Called Panorama – the views of contemporary art, the exhibition presents a brief account of the recent production of Brazilian artists, or with close ties with the country, born in different generations, from the collection of Galleries SIM and Simões de Assis. The works demonstrate the plurality of languages ​​and investigations of national contemporary art in the last twenty years, and propose a look at the multiplicity of voices that intonate contemporary production in the visual arts.

Lucas Bond – Banco Marina

Among the names of the new exhibition are Ascânio MMM, which for more than five decades has been investigating the relationship between sculpture, architecture and mathematics; Abraham Palatinik who seeks the perception of pictorial space along with his longstanding curiosity for the study of kinetics and light; and Marina Weffort with its light woven meshes supported by a few pairs of pins, where the movement becomes its protagonist.

Sergio Rodrigues – Poltrona Oscar

Another name present at the exhibition is the architect from Parana Lucas Bond, leading the creation and development of Decormade products. At Gallery 31, the exhibit is Banco Marina, launched during the Brazil S / A show at Design Week in Milan in 2017. The exhibition can be visited by appointment with AG7, by telephone (41) 3128-8203 or SIM Gallery by contacting (41) 3322-1818.