Brazilian artist Marcos Mello Cavallaria signs beauty campaign of Armani

Brazilian artist Marcos Mello Cavallaria has just signed the worldwide beauty campaign of Armani. The campaign, which was filmed in Paris, brings a series with three videos that portray the woman who inspires Giorgio Armani in his creations. Starring the brand’s muse, Julia Bergshoeff, the film features fashion creation by the renowned Marc Ascoli.

Forerunner of the Fashion Films, Marcos rescued the campaign from the essence of one of the most respected Italian designers, Giorgio Armani. “For the creation of the campaign we delve into the history of Armani and honor his remarkable moments, as when he signed the costume of the” American Gigolo “with Richard Gere. I brought the same light and scene of the film to the film, “explains the artist.

Dividing between São Paulo and Paris, Marcos is a restless artist, who is always looking for a new way of expressing his passion for the art of drawing and always impressing his landmark references on the works.