BMW creates sports model with bits of meteorites in its composition

Among those in love with automobiles is common to hear the expression of a certain model looks like a “ship”, whether sealed by the reach of its speed or even by its design and aerodynamics. Now, this relationship between the automotive segment and the special world has just been further consolidated, as this year one of the BMW launches will be the sports M850i ​​Night Sky, which has as a differential the incorporation of parts of meteorites in its structure.

The vehicle, which takes only three seconds to do from zero to 100 and whose top speed exceeds 320 kilometers per hour, received details of the famous space stones in various elements such as the main control panel, gear shift lever and button that makes the car call.

Even the name of the Night Sky model, already makes a direct allusion to space, since its direct translation is nocturnal sky, the ideal space to see the stars and the constellations that compose the galaxy in which we live. According to information from the automaker, the model should reach the market with a value in the range of 112 thousand dollars.

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