BMW and Microsoft seek to extend the experience of comfort and technology in automobiles

In the automotive segment, technology enables the expansion of comfort and pleasure in driving through innovations in various sectors. One of them is what allows the dialogue between the driver and a personalized and exclusive service center that, in real time, is able to answer questions and give varied information.

To extend this experience that combines comfort and technology on-board vehicles, BMW and Microsfot, which have been partners since 2016, are developing a project to make the German brand automobiles that use the Intelligent Personal Assistant more natural increasing the depth and personality of the application.

Some of the main points that are being studied is the possibility of the driver getting in touch directly with the dealerships of the brand and also the management of appointments and personal emails. For innovations to be implemented in the shortest possible time, two offices, one in the United States and one in Germany, are working on the subject. More details about BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant you can check out in the video below.