Luxury biography


Equipped with Dynamic Response and Adaptive Dynamic systems that improve vehicle handling, the new Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic combines luxury and high performance in style.

The vehicle has the engine V8Supercharged 5.0, 550 hp and 680nm of torque, the same engine that equips the line Range Rover Sport SVR. The engine allows the vehicle to reach 100 km / h in just 5.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 250 km / h electronically limited.

Mark Stanton, head of Special Vehicles Division of Jaguar Land Rover said that the vehicle “has been specially developed to offer a fascinating driving experience. It is the ultimate combination of performance and the renowned luxury Range Rover line, which makes it a unique model within our portfolio. “


The Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic uses the latest technology for total entertainment for passengers and a highly safe and comfortable driving. The model is equipped with the ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control that not only keeps the speed defined by constant driver but also automatically reduces the speed when the sensors placed in the front of the vehicle identify the presence of another slower vehicle ahead, all without the interference conductor.

For complete convenience, the vehicle also has cameras 360 system for maneuvering, lights arranged below the rear for before entering the occupants of the front seats to see where you are stepping and 10 indoor lighting options that can be chosen according with like the passengers.

The digital instrument panel has a TFT screen high resolution, in which the most important information such as speed, tachometer, gear selected, among others, jump to the driver’s eyes whenever the situation demands. For further security, the model also has the Head Up Display system laser, which projects on the windscreen information such as current speed and GPS navigation instructions.


The entertainment system InControl Touch Pro, the latest Jaguar Land Rover, part of a ten-inch dual view touch screen, more intuitive, better resolution and incredibly fast response time. And though the vehicle has been made globally, there is not forecast to reach the Brazilian market.