Bernard Arnault’s leading role in the contemporary luxury market

Last week the luxury market was once again featured in the national and international press. And the reason, in fact, deserved all the attention: Bernard Arnault, CEO of the LVMH group, which has control of iconic brands such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, reached the second position in the ranking of the world’s greatest fortunes surpassing Bill Gates. , the main name behind Microsoft, and second only to Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon.

And there is no doubt that the title achieved by Bernard Arnault is objectively due to the excellent results presented by the leading organization in recent years. According to the information released, the LVMH group has raised its assets to more than $ 107 billion and this has added $ 39 billion to its chief commander’s fortune. It is worth remembering that this surprising value was recorded only in this year 2019.

In addition to his heritage values, Bernard Arnault is currently one of the most important and prestigious executives in the high standard segment. 70 years old and in business since 1984, the LVMH group CEO has gained much recent projection by announcing that he and his family would make a $ 650 million donation to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral, hit by a fire.

The entry into Rihanna’s LVMH group through her Fenty brand, and more recently from designer Stella McCartney, with her namesake brand, testify to the executive’s expertise in the industry. One thing that makes Arnault’s skill at the head of the group all the more evident is that Paul McCartney’s daughter, who has become a symbol of sustainability in the fashion segment, will also act as her special advisor, enhancing the effectiveness of her decisions. the environmental issue.

Bernard Arnault’s success has a symbolic character within the luxury market. In a segment where brands and brands often have centuries of tradition and operate in hundreds of countries, professionals eventually tend to fall into the background. This is not the case with the CEO of the LVMH group who again proves his role as one of the most important players in the segment.