Organic Beauty


Cosmetics and organic beauty products are gaining a growing space in the market. Combining concepts such as sustainability and sustainable development with a lot of research and technology, several brands are specializing in products that truly harmonize with beauty with social and environmental concern.

An example of this is Souvie, a Brazilian brand of organic cosmetics that, in addition to being committed to the beauty of being conscious, also understands that skin is responsible for our connection with the outside world.

And to offer the best skin food, Souvie created the SER + line, to take care of the physiology of the skin, nourishing it and moisturizing it with all the dermatological safety. The products follow the standards required by the international certifier Ecocert Green Life. The SER + line is made up of body, face and hair items. All products are certified organic, without parabens, without petrolates and without sulfates. The items are results of the union between the science inspired by the processes of the nature and the advanced technology. Anti-aging products have repairing peptides that soften and aid in the prevention of weather marks. With a nice combination of lemon grass essential oil and organic vanilla extract, the gentle aroma of the line promotes freshness and well-being.


The brand came from the dream of uniting the processes of organic life with technology, to offer healthy cosmetics that fully respect nature and the human being. And, especially, motivate a new stance of consumption, through the organic philosophy of prospering beauty and health, while respecting the environment.

Souvie proves that the concept of organic beauty is broad and plural and can actively contribute to a better life and a better world.