The beauty even more natural

close up of body care cosmetic products on wood

The cosmetics segment is largely significant within the luxury industry. Just look at the large number of brands and products available to enhance the feminine and masculine beauty to realize the importance of the sector to the world economy.

Brazil is one of the main countries when it comes to the consumption of beauty products and it seems that even the country’s political sector is interested in the future of this market. According to the news agency of the Brazilian Senate, a project was approved whose objective is to create a new regulation for organic cosmetics. Authored by Senator Marta Suplicy, the bill was approved at the beginning of August by the Commission for Transparency, Governance, Control and Consumer Protection.

According to the senator herself, one of the main reasons for the approval of the project was the lack of specific legislation on the sector. “The lack of regulation of organic cosmetics negatively affects the relationship of trust needed between producer and consumer and the quality control of products, as well as harming the presence of domestic companies in the domestic and international markets,” said Marta Suplicy.

Some of the most important luxury brands that operate in the cosmetics sector have already incorporated into their productive chair issues such as sustainability and products of organic origin. Now, it is time for Brazilian companies to enter definitely in this market in which beauty is even more natural.