BASF and Hymer team up to create a luxurious mobile home

BASF, a German chemical company known for its classic cassette tapes, has teamed up with Hymer, a renowned motor home builder, to carry out a luxuriously unusual project: transforming a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter into a cozy and sophisticated one. Mobile home.

Following the growing trend in the luxury market where sustainability is one of the most valued attributes of high-end products, a number of cutting-edge technologies have been used to make the vehicle as self-sufficient as possible. A good example of these innovations are solar panels that capture the sun’s rays and turn them into clean energy.

According to information released by Hymer, the idea of ​​the project is to be the prototype of a travel vehicle to be launched in the first half of the next decade. There is no doubt that the time until the launch of the model combined with technological innovations should contribute to making the travels much more luxurious and green in the future.