Balmain invests in interactivity in its new Autumn/Winter collection

The digital universe has been entering the world of fashion in an increasingly more pronounced way. Whether through the technologies connected to the virtual commerce to the innovations presented through communication through social media, luxury brands have appropriated many online concepts to create products and enhance their relationship with consumers.

One case that illustrates this scenario concretely is the new collection recently released by Balmain whose main star is the actress and model Cara Delevinge. Betting on interactivity to expand the audience’s experience with the brand, they were produced that allow a direct dialogue with the Internet user allowing the attendees to choose the final events.

Olivier Rousteing, director of creation of the French brand, pointed out that he had long wanted to work with Delevinge. “I think I have to work with Cara from the beginning, but things take time,” he said. “You can not collaborate with anyone if there is no such friendship.

Named after the evocative title The Choice, the videos invite the viewer to an interactive journey in which it is possible to directly influence events and receive as a reward at the end of the audiovisual journey the preferred end. The experience is available to fans on the Balmain website.