Planned neighborhoods consolidate as trend in the high-end real estate segment

For many years there has been an increase in the number of planned neighborhoods in Brazil, but in recent years there has been a cooling in this market due to the crisis. This situation must be reversed according to experts, the projections already point to a resumption of this market, which is profitable and safe for investors.

These neighborhoods, although not closed by walls and fences, provide advantages for the residents, as they use an intelligent urban structure that values ​​the spaces and, especially, the investments made by the residents.

“It is interesting that these enterprises are mostly located in strategic locations and in urban centers with complete infrastructure, easy access to important roads, transport and surrounded by shops and services”, explains the Marketing Director of the Realibras / Conspar Group, Marcus Cunha.

He explains that, from the outset, ventures are deeply thought through by engineers, architects, and landscapers who create every project and planning so that each step follows a detailed schedule.

The urban planning process is structured according to the municipality’s constructive norms. This facilitates the process of forwarding to the Registry Office and Real Estate for the realization of individual registrations. Another differential of these neighborhoods is that they have complete infrastructure – water, sewage, drainage, lighting and access.

“The great differential of most of these areas is that at the end of the infrastructure works are also made investment in common areas such as squares and green areas. In addition, there is a separate space for commercial areas, which provides an area with great facilities for future residents, “Marcus said.

With the project delivered, the entire structure for the beginning of the works is done, so the future inhabitant already gets a great appreciation of the space acquired. In addition, other differentials are offered, such as the possibility of pre-projects developed within technical specifications, allowing the interested parties options of pre-developed structures gaining time in the execution of the work. The result is the valuation of the property.

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