Azimut Yachts inaugurates exclusive space for clients in the no Iate Clube de Santos

In order to strengthen its presence in Brazil, the Italian company Azimut Yachts, a world leader in the manufacture of luxury yachts, inaugurated on June 29 a new space in the Yacht Club of Santos, one of the most important nautical institutions in Latin America and one of the best yacht clubs on the planet as pointed out by Forbes Magazine. Spazio Azimut, located in the marina and nautical headquarters that carries the ICS seal in Guarujá, SP, aims to offer an area in the coast of São Paulo dedicated exclusively to the associates and clients of the brand, with specialized direct service of factory in both sales and in after sales.

The Azimut 74 (photos above and in the beginning of the story) is one of the models that will be on display in the new space inaugurated by Azimut Yachts

“Today, Azimut Yachts is present in 68 countries, headquarters and factories in Italy and Brazil, and even in times of economic challenges, we have exceeded our growth rates. of a differentiated service, without intermediaries, and in strategic locations as in important marinas and yachts clubs of the country. exclusive to Azimut customers, right from the factory.We are sure that strengthening the partnership with the Santos Yacht Club, which already has a great long-term relationship, will be a great success, “said Azimut Yachts commercial director Francesco Caputo.