The singularities of the Brazilian luxury market

One question they often ask me is whether there are marked differences between the Brazilian and international luxury markets, especially the European and the North American. In a very brief way and taking into account mainly the profile of consumption of goods of high standard in Brazil, I usually say that the main difference is that the market in other countries has been established for a longer time and, in our country, everything is still very recent .

It is enough to think that the main luxury brands began to arrive at the country of more intense form only from the decade of 1980 to realize that we have much to evolve in the most diverse aspects.

A study recently released by MindMiners, a market research specialist focused on retailing, found that 57% of respondents have already used credit installment to purchase luxury goods and a total of 13% reported having contracted debts to have their dreams of consumption.

Another interesting information disclosed in the report is that among the favorite brands of the Brazilian public are Rolex, Chanel and Gucci, the latter reaching a total of 32% among the intentions of the interviewees.

The analysis of these data shows an interesting scenario. If, on the one hand, Brazilians are interested in the same brands that are successful all over the world, at the same time, consumption occurs differently, since it is not usual in the international market to use parceling lines in the acquisition of high pattern.

There is no doubt that the Brazilian market has several singularities that characterize and constitute it. Knowing how to deal with these particularities is the task of the brands that wish to succeed in the national market.

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