The singularities of a market in which exclusivity is a key word

Last week the world of fashion lost one of its most illustrious figures: the German stylist Karl Lagerfeld. In an interview for television, which we published a passage here in the Therapy of Luxury, Lagerfeld said that luxury was something that needed to talk to the desires and desires of each one and to have high quality. It was not just a financial issue, that is, a high standard product tended to be expensive because excellence was always one of its main characteristics.

In January, news published in various media outlets drew attention in the high-end market. Macallan, a Scottish distillery which is a benchmark in the beverage segment, has launched 250 units of a single malt aged 52 years in Spanish oak barrels at a unit cost of $ 53,500 per bottle.

The value has awakened even those who are accustomed to consuming products of the highest quality, since with the same amount it is possible, for example, to buy a new car with the main technological resources that exist. The production is so exclusive and the value so expressive that for all the United States 42 bottles were shipped and for the United Kingdom only 14 bottles.

What can the launch of this unique whiskey by Macallan say about the contemporary luxury market? First, it is clear that interest in exclusivity is still one of the desires that drive the luxury sector. The idea of ​​living unique and differentiated experiences is shared by an increasing number of people who literally spare no effort to experience them.

Another important fact that can be observed is that the price of luxury products is usually just one of the items taken into consideration at the time of purchase rather than the main one. Research conducted around the world, including in Brazil, points out that luxury consumers analyze various aspects before buying and the price tends to be the last one.

Last but not least, Macallan’s unique whiskey proves that the luxury market tends to be very receptive to new products as long as quality takes precedence over price. As Karl Lagerfeld stated the luxury “it’s not about expensive things, but having its price justifiable.”

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