The most desired fashion brands in the online universe in 2018

Much more than the Internet’s largest search platform, Google has become a kind of indicator of trends and behaviors. This is evident as the most searched terms on the site signal the issues that are in evidence. And among the various market segments, Google has unveiled the list of the most sought-after luxury brands in the United States this year.

Crédito da imagem: Reprodução Gucci.

In fifth place was Gucci. The Italian brand that registered a growth of 40% in the previous year remains in evidence being one of the most important and influential brands today.

The fourth place was with Givenchy, a French brand created in the early 1950s. In March of this year, the mute lost the talent of Hubert de Givenchy, the creator of the fashion house and this certainly increased the brand research.

Crédito da imagem: Reprodução Louis Vuitton

With the bronze medal was also the French Louis Vuitton, considered the most valuable luxury brand on the planet. The constant releases and stars of Hollywwod as ambassadors of the brand have extended the popularity of the brand in the world-wide network of computers.

In second place is the brand that occupied the headlines of the press specialized in fashion and luxury in the second half of this year: Versace. The sale of the brand created by Gianni Versace for the group led by Michael Kors was one of the great deals of the market in recent times.

Crédito da imagem: Reprodução Fashion Nova

In the first position, causing an eventual surprise in the most traditionalists, was Fashion Nova. Considered one of the leading and most influential fashion brands on Instagram, the label has bet on affordable versions of fashion classics to democratize the market and has won many admirers over the course of this year.