The strategies of luxury brands in an increasingly global market

If, from the economic point of view, one of the main changes in the globalization process was the abolition of geographical borders, which increased the opportunities for negotiation around the world, from a symbolic point of view the change was even more significant, since literally overthrew many of the ideological frontiers that still existed.

In other words, this means that even the cultures of peoples more distant or closed, have come to be seen in a positive way. Gastronomy, art, fashion and the most diverse forms of expression, however different they may be, have become shared, and often desired, elements throughout the world.

Therefore, the recent case involving Dolce & Gabbana has gained intense repercussion in the international media in recent days. In summary, the Italian brand carried a series of videos on the Chinese market that showed the difficulties of a woman trying to eat pizza, a typical dish of Italian gastronomy, using hashis, a traditional instrument for the consumption of food in China.

The idea was to promote a humorous satire, however, shortly after the videos were broadcast, began a campaign against the film, which was accused of offending by the Chinese people. Immediately after the negative manifestations, the creators of the brand came to the public to apologize and to affirm that everything was but a misunderstanding. “We are very sorry and we want to apologize to the Chinese throughout the world. It will not happen any more, “said Domenico Dolce.

For the brands that operate in the luxury market, the episode offers two great lessons. The first concerns the global market today. In times of the internet and social media, information spreads very quickly and you must be prepared to contain any problems. The second, and most importantly, is to be sure that the greatness of an apology is priceless.

The incident is likely to affect the brand’s results in some way, especially in the Chinese market, but beyond a doubt, Dolce & Gabbana has proven itself with its attempts to resolve the situation because it is one of the world’s leading luxury brands.

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