Art, fashion and solidarity


The artist internationally renowned Mark Dickens chose the city of Florianópolis to launch its global campaign for peace entitled ‘Let’s Make Words, Not war’. The launch event took place at the restaurant Rancho Açoriano, one of the most charming of Riberão location of the island, south of the capital of Santa Catarina which is very famous for producing oysters.

The proposal is to get people to share positive messages through a reflexive idea that promotes unity and avoid discord and wars and all your senses.

According to the British artist “the world needs people to stop, look at each other and share good experiences. What’s needed is to do good and not encourage wars. “

The project is through the shirts and, for people to share messages, inspiring words and not make war. Each shirt carries a letter of the alphabet, designed in a stylized form. The idea is to promote the word of the power of reflection in interpersonal relationships and how it reflects the image of the world we have today.

The complete collection consists of 26 models, one by letter, and all were developed by Santa Catarina. The fashion designer, Gabriela Nazari de Souza, partner of Alvazari, was invited by the artist and embraces the campaign adding another look at the proposal. A project for peace and also has a social, but you want to propagate to bring style to add all this.

Solidarity is also one of the highlights of the project, since 10% of all revenues from sales of the shirts will revert to the Institute Vilson Groh. The institute provides advisory services, defense and guarantee of human rights and promotes, through actions in poor communities, growth opportunities for children, primary motivator of the partnership. “Certainly, a large project that Florianopolis should be proud to receive and support. Not only the peculiarity, but the greatness and the message it conveys, “says Fr. Vilson Groh, president of the IVG.

As the project is global, marketing is all done by e-commerce. But will its start in Brazil through address, which will be on air later this month, as well as outlets in restaurants Rancho Açoriano in Coqueiros and in Ribeirão da Ilha, the capital of Santa Catarina.

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Images by Fernando Willadino.