Knowledge applied to fashion

The fashion segment is one of the most traditional sectors of the high industry. The launches of the new collections of luxury brands are now events of global reach and, even breaking down barriers and breaking paradigms, still represent only one of the many steps that involve fashion production.

For those who seek to improve their knowledge of the fashion market, the Passport Fashionista – Special Edition takes place in Paris between July 2 and 6 of this year. The main objective of the event is to discuss and analyze the interrelations between fashion, art, luxury and the digital world.

In this edition, besides the participation of Andrea Furco, founder of Passport Fashionista, the event will also have Alice Ferraz, founder and CEO of the first Digital Brazilian Media House and Ana Carolina Ralston, Vogue Brazil’s senior culture and lifestyle editor for six years.

In addition to having a rich educational material, transport between the various programmed activities and certificate of participation, whoever completes the course will still have exclusive tickets for all events scheduled by the Passport Fashionista. More information and registration can be obtained by calling or by e-mail