The art of giving


The tradition of giving gifts has been following the history of humanity for a long time. The most religious know that giving to the loved ones at Christmas is a tradition that dates back to the time of Christ, when the three Magi Belchior, Baltazar and Gaspar offered gifts to celebrate the birth of Jesus.


And for those who love the reaction of happiness on the face of friends and relatives when receiving a special gift, Louis Vuitton has launched the products of the new Art of Gifting collection. The line is made up of luxurious products that will surely enchant even the most demanding.


Among the items in the collection are beautiful notebooks, a delicate bear and a set of table tennis, with various accessories for sports. The variety of options is also reflected in the prices, the products range between 100 and 1,500 euros. The art of gifting certainly won even more style.