The art of good service


Conceptualizing what is art is a complicated task, after all, there are many definitions that can be accepted. In addition to creative processes and the ability to thrill, art can also be understood as the set of procedures by which it is possible to achieve a certain purpose, that is, the techniques necessary to achieve a certain goal.

Therefore, the assertion that good service is a kind of art should not be understood as a possible exaggeration, since it expresses the idea that study, preparation, attention and talent is really necessary to understand and satisfy all the clients’ wishes.

In the luxury market this art needs to be further refined to achieve the desired results. One of the common characteristics the vast majority of consumers of products and services of high standard is the high level of requirement. And this requirement is not only manifested through the high quality of the product purchased or the service contracted, it permeates the shopping experience in all its stages.

Imagine, as an example, a five star hotel with all its amenities. The guest who stays there will have access to an excellent gastronomy, comfortable and cozy rooms, amenities such as swimming pool and sauna and even the exclusive health treatments of the Spa. In general, the experience has everything to be quite pleasant. In the meantime, imagine the hotel with this excellent infrastructure, but run by sinister service professionals like a disgruntled manager, a discourteous receptionist or a stressed-out cousine chef. With such a staff, certainly, much of the charm and magic of hosting will be compromised.

The example of the hotel can be adapted to the most diverse realities. Whether it’s a luxury fashion boutique or a high-end car dealership, premium products and services need to be in tune with the professionals who are at the forefront of these businesses.

Walt Disney, creator of one of the best known brands in the world that every year offers unforgettable experiences to millions of people, once said that it is necessary to perform the functions so sublime that customers in addition to having the desire to return will still bring friends and family members. And for this to be possible, characteristics such as the ability to listen, agility in meeting deadlines and the transparency of actions are fundamental. Not by chance, these are exactly the same qualities required for development and good service.

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