Archipelago of Madeira wins the prize of the most beautiful island destination in the world

The Madeira Archipelago is one of the most spectacular destinations on the European continent. The union between history, culture and landscapes of rare beauty makes the region a must-see for travelers who are looking for something new. For Brazilians, there is an even more special reason to visit the islands: they are part of Portugal and this means that the local language is Portuguese.

And for the sixth time in history, the Madeira Archipelago has won the Best Insular Destination in Europe for the World Travel Awards, one of the most respected and recognized awards programs in the tourism industry. A trip to the archipelago allows the tourist to know the four different islands whose point in common is the beauty of nature and historical architecture.

Funchal, além de ser a capital da Ilha da Madeira, ainda é a cidade que em está instalado o CR7 Museu, espaço dedicado ao jogador Cristiano Ronaldo

For visitors in general and especially for those who enjoy the most popular sport in the world, a must-see is Funchal, capital of Madeira Island. The city is modern, has a cosmopolitan air and an excellent tourist infrastructure. In addition, it is the place where the CR7 Museum is housed, a space dedicated to Cristino Ronaldo, the most famous Lusitanian footballer.