Victorious acquisition


In April of this year, one news item moved the luxury segment: information that the Jimmy Choo brand was on sale provoked great excitement among those who work in the industry. Not long after the announcement of the sale, the acquisition of the brand was formalized by Michael Kors, one of the giants of the market of high standard that is based in the United States.

Less than a year after joining the Michael Kors Holdings Ltd group, the brand created by the renowned Oriental shoe design proves that it was an absolutely winning achievement for the American company.

According to revenue information recently released by Michael Kors, the estimated revenue for the year ending April 2018 is approximately $ 4.6 billion, with amounts between $ 215 and $ 225 million coming from sales of Jimmy Choo.

The momentum is really positive for the American group as last Monday, November 6, Michael Kors shares rose just over a percent, totaling $ 48.18.

According to information released at the time of the deal, the acquisition value was 1.2 billion dollars. The investment of the American brand, already, shows that it is one of the most profitable in the luxury segment of recent times.