Family tradition is the theme of Burberry’s Chinese New Year campaign

China is a country full of singularities and among them is the use of a calendar of its own. According to Chinese traditions, the year officially begins on February 5 and will end on January 24, 2020. In addition, this year will be governed by the pig, and has as characteristics an ideal time to reach the goals.

All this culture itself, and especially the family traditions that are strengthened in the period, were the sources of inspiration the new campaign of the Chinese New Year launched by Burberry recently. “The campaign is based on the concept of families reunited for the most important holiday of the year, and represents a sense of belonging, but in a new way,” said Zhao Wei, ambassador of the brand and one of the protagonists of the campaign.

The images of the new collection feature classic pieces of the brand as the traditional trench coat and beautiful handkerchiefs. The pieces are already available through the e-commerce brand.

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