The importance and value of women entrepreneurs in the luxury market

The social and economic changes that have taken place in recent years have definitely pushed women to take on the role of protagonists in their lives and one of the immediate consequences of this has been the increase in the number of women entrepreneurs in Brazil and in the world.

According to a survey conducted by the MindMiners company, 51.5% of the total number of entrepreneurs in Brazil are women, which demonstrates the importance and value of the female audience in all market segments and especially in the high standard sector.

Last Tuesday, December 4th, I had the opportunity to share information and experiences on this topic during the Women Entrepreneurship event: How women work in the luxury market, which took place at the jewelery store D’Vie at the Iguatemi Shopping Mall in Florianópolis.

At the same time, Gisele Ghanem, a lawyer specializing in the fashion right and a partner in Ghanem Leal Advocacia, added that, in order to broaden the debate and demonstrate that in all market sectors it is possible to act as prerequisites, Kel Boareto, a specialist in creativity and founder of Sabedorama and Gabriela Pascotto, a specialist in otorhinolaryngology.

Each of the guests reported to the public the motivations that led her to choose the luxury market as the area of ​​activity and discussed issues of great relevance such as the issue of prejudice that still exists against women in the labor market, the difficulties in reconciling the role of mother, wife and entrepreneur, as well as the importance of the capacity to succeed in the sector.

The event was a true exchange of experiences between the invited guests and the public and, above all, closed the year with a golden key the luxury market returned to show growth.

That by 2019 women continue to shine in all areas of their choice and, above all, that success and professional growth can move in parallel with the achievements and victories of personal life.

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