Customization becomes a trend in the beauty segment

The customization is, undoubtedly, a highly valued attribute in the contemporary luxury market. In particular, the world of fashion, the automotive industry and the construction industry have been investing for a long time in the idea of ​​adapting products to the wishes and needs of customers.

Another segment directly linked to the luxury market in which customization has been consolidating as a trend is that of beauty, but specifically, the area of ​​cosmetics. The development of specific products and that adjust to the lifestyle of each consumer, makes it possible to meet the needs in a specific way.

According to the dermatologist Patrícia Friço “the proposal is to customize products according to the need of each one.This allows to combine several products into one and achieve differentiated results.There are many factors that can contribute to the appearance of flaccidity, acne, lines of expression and cellulite, for example.These products seek to help the patient reduce the negative effects. “

A customização dos produtos de beleza, além de atender as necessidades individuais, ainda vai ao encontro da sustentabilidade, através da produção de artigos com baixo impacto ambiental

And customization goes beyond personal tastes and inclinations. You can find customized options for a variety of situations, such as products that repair stress attacks or speed up cell renewal and hydration after a long day of workouts.

It is also worth remembering that customization also meets another important issue nowadays: sustainability. Through ecologically correct products that invest in reducing environmental impact, it is possible to seek beauty and simultaneously contribute to the preservation of the planet.