360 degree attendance is one of the differentials of Top Form Academy

The speed of modern times and the need to meet the most diverse corporate and social commitments make it often difficult to find time to care for the quality of life. Therefore, it is essential for those seeking physical activities, to find well-located alternatives that present a diverse range of options.

In this sense, the Top Form Academy, located at 910 Alameda Casa Branca, in the Jardim Paulistano neighborhood, one of the most exclusive and central addresses of São Paulo, is the best alternative to combine the benefits of physical exercise for body and mind. with a prime location and within easy reach.

Operating in Jardim Paulista for three years, but with a know-how that already exceeds 27 years of experience in the academy segment in the capital, Top Form invests in serving students 360 degrees as an important differential in the market.

The service is personalized and customized according to individual needs. Firstly, a functional evaluation is performed, which will be used in the elaboration and conception of the training, both for bodybuilding and gymnastics. Typically, the same teacher responsible for the initial assessment will set up and monitor the student’s training.

The gym has a diverse range of all imported and first class equipment. The treadmills and elliptical equipment have television and internet access to meet the needs of the most connected students. Among the classes given at the gym are Top Bike, Functional Training, Zumba, Abdominal, Stretching, Mat Pilates, Super Local, Local Carioca, Muay Thai, Power Arms and Power Legs.

Top Form also has a system in which workouts are stored and, through a mobile application, students have access to their information, workouts and class schedules. More information about the academy can be obtained by calling (11) 3062-3332 or from their official Instagram profile.