Health and fitness in the air


The Rio de Janeiro is in Olympic weather and the city literally breathes sport. The Olympic Games, beyond doubt, is the best opportunity for the fans to know more deeply the sports and, of course, vibrate with your favorite athletes.

Last Sunday, the seventh of August, the wonderful city hosted an event that highlighted even more sporting moment: the presentation of SportJet, the first plane designed specifically for professional athletes.

Manufactured by Russian company Sukhoi, the aircraft had its concept developed based on scientific research in sports and its fundamental purpose is to combat the effects of air travel on the physical and mental health of athletes. Among the main difficulties that cross athletes while traveling is the time zone change, poor diet and stress.


The SportJet was designed to allow air travel is held horizontally, and inside the aircraft, are available to many high-tech features for the medical sector and also the convenience of passengers and the control of light intensity and individual multimedia screens with unique content.

Among the technological features incorporated to SportJet whose goal is to further enhance the performance of athletes are one bioimpedance sensor, a blood pressure monitor and even a medical unit with ECG to meet any need.

Sukhoi, responsible for SportJet project, was founded in 2000 and has been specializing in the development of innovative models for civil aviation. According to the company, the aircraft launched in Rio de Janeiro should officially enter into operation in the 2017/2018 season.


Images: Sukhoi.