1st Premium Design Competition brings together the highlights of the national jeweler segment

The Mubri – Mujeres Brillantes Group held last Saturday, August 31st, the 1st Premium Design Competition in partnership with SENAI IPIRANGA – SP Jewelery School. The event, which was sponsored by the companies Diarough and Roldão Embalagens, brought together the highlights of the national jeweler segment and presented more than 150 pieces in three categories (gold, silver and alternative materials), which were screened by the jury. by professionals like jewelers Silvia Furmanovich and Ruth Grieco, as well as Almir Pastore, the industry’s leading photographer.

At the top of the jury page of the 1st Premium Design Competition and above, the winner Lydiberto Villar receiving the trophy from Silvia Furmanovich

“We want to encourage the industry, show the Brazilian talent, show the world how we have professionals and super competent designers,” said Ali Pastorini, president of the organization and also one of the judges. The 15 finalists exhibited their pieces during the awards. Check out the list of winners below.


1º Lugar Ouro: Lydiberto Villar

2º Lugar Ouro: Katia Sena


1º Lugar Prata: Mariana Clas Astolphi

2º Lugar Prata: Yumi Suzuki

1º Lugar Materiais Alternativos: Fernando Aquino